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Mata Nui Online Game

Mata Nui Online Game © 2001 Templar Studios, LLC. All rights reserved. Templar is a registered trademark.

In the original Mata Nui Online Game, released in 2001, you play as a mystery Matoran whose identity is unknown even to himself. You go around completing tasks and helping save villages from the Makuta, and from themselves, all the while discovering your own identity and destiny.

In this version, there is a menu that allows you to start at any stage you want, and switch between parts of the story at will.

WARNING: There is a glitch in the Battle of Kini-Nui! Matoran and Rahi attacks are sequenced so that no two Matoran or Rahi attack at the same time. If the next Matoran/Rahi in the queue is knocked out right before he/she/it is about to attack, no more attacks will be launched, and the game will become stuck. The only way out of this is to return to the menu and backtrack.